Touro University Medical School

Opportunity: Volunteer preceptor, Touro University Student run Free clinic

  • Organization/Sponsor: Touro University

  • Web address of Organization: also

  • Detailed Description: Community members are either treated with osteopathic manipulation, or enter the clinic for an initial intake and H&P.  Faculty volunteers are needed to 1. H&P station - review the work of the student including their recommendation for treatment, review the patient and sign off on the H&P; 2.  OMM - *if an osteopathic physician this option is available* - review the patient presentation, the treatment plan of the student, and then evaluate the patient (after treatment) prior to discharge.  Work with the student to determine best length of time for follow up

  • Medical Specialty: Any

  • Location: 545 Magazine Street, Vallejo

  • Time Required:  Usually every Thursday 4-6:30 (first shift) or 6-8:30pm (second shift).  In addition, there are community events at community locations (e.g., Napa-Vallejo Flea Market) which needs physician supervision.

  • Volunteer or Compensated: Volunteer

  • Malpractice Insurance: Adjunct status with Touro University which covers your malpractice for this event

  • Contact Person from organization: - medical director, SRFC

  • Contact Person from TPMG: None available at this time

  • Updated 3/1/2019