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Last meeting - November 4, 2017 at Boundary Oak Golf Course, Walnut Creek

Michael Stocker, bioacoustician and Renaissance man, described the acoustic environment of the oceans. Animals use sound to navigate, identify themselves, maintain social groups, locate food and in some cases stun it for capture, identify predators and other dangers, find mates, and otherwise survey their surroundings. Sounds have always been present in the oceans arising from animals, water movement, geologic forces, weather, and other natural phenomena, but man-made sound is an ever more pervasive feature, with potentially far-reaching effects. Michael played numerous recordings of natural ocean noise and man-made sounds. Learn more at the website of his organization, Ocean Conservation Research <>. Photo from <> by Peter Joseph.




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Pictures from the August 2017 luncheon at Basque Cultural Center:

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RPA luncheons usually occur on the first Saturday of February, August, and November, and the first or second Saturday of May, at rotating locations, but the next event will be on the second February of 2018. Exact upcoming dates usually appear on the Notices page. Online reservations become available approximately one month prior to the event. If you have questions or comments about the luncheons, please direct them to Ron Bachman -

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Saturday, February  10, 2018                                                                                          Location: Sequoyah Country Club, Oakland

Social hour:  11:30 AM       
Lunch: 12:15 PM
Speaker: 1:00 PM    

Speaker: Robbie Pearl, MD - newly retired TPMG CEO/Executive Director

Topic: Mistreated, his recently published book on the state of US health care

Menu: Vegetarian Wellington w/Roasted Tomato Sauce OR                                                                                      Seasonal Bass w/Roasted Tomato Sauce OR                                                                                                 Roast Chicken Breast w/Sundried Tomato Stuffing & Pesto Cream

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Speaker info: Robbie Pearl needs no introduction. He is newly retired from TPMG and we hope to see him at many future events.

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