Rotary KinderPrep

KinderPrep is an multi-faceted project of Oakland Rotary Club that provides financial and physical assistance to kindergarten teachers and pupils. Volunteers participate in classroom reading to children, help with art projects, and serve as a second adult in a room of 20 or more five-year-olds, available to support the teacher. Volunteers are the face of Rotary KinderPrep in the classroom and 'present' donated items to the class, accompany sponsored field trips, and participate in a summer book giveaway. Volunteers also provide feedback to KinderPrep organizers.

KinderPrep is seeking classroom volunteers. Volunteering is very flexible - the teacher and the volunteer work out the schedule. We ask for a minimum of 4 hours monthly. It's a great opportunity to contribute to the education and welfare of our youngest community members.  It's also great fun and there is nothing better to get your mojo going than a group of energetic five year-olds. There is a thorough online and in-person vetting process.  

Here is a link to a pamphlet: KinderPrep pamphlet   

Contact: Peter Sherris MD MPH <>; 510-206-0548