Preventing Cervical Cancer

Opportunity: Cervical cancer screening

  • Organization/Sponsor: PINCC preventing cervical cancer - globally

  • Web address/link of Organization:

  • Detailed Description: PINCC is a 501c3 non-profit organization that takes small teams into low income and low-middle income countries to teach healthcare workers how to recognize and treat cervical dysplasia. We spend a week teaching and treating and then require our trainees to screen for 6 months. We then return and rescreen with them the positive exams that they have seen. We treat with thermocoagulation. After our training is complete, we leave our equipment so that the site is self-sustaining. We have ongoing training sites in Kenya, Tanzania, Guatemala and Cambodia with proposed sites in Ghana, Rwanda and India.

  • Medical Specialty needed: Ability to do speculum exams

  • Location: Global

  • Time Required: 1-2 weeks

  • Volunteer or Compensated: Volunteer

  • Malpractice Insurance: Not provided

  • Contact Person from organization: Dr. Melissa Miskell 830-708-6009

  • Contact Person from TPMG: None available at this time

  • Updated 3/1/2019