Clinic By The Bay

Organization: Clinic By The Bay, Based upon the successful Volunteers in Medicine (VIM) model

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  • Detailed Description: Clinic By The Bay is a new, volunteer-powered, free health clinic for the working uninsured. Based upon the successful Volunteers in Medicine (VIM) model that engages retired healthcare professionals and community volunteers to provide high quality health care. Clinic by the Bay became the 82nd VIM clinic in the country on November 9, 2010. Volunteers usually see about 4 patients while working. They also can supervise Internal Medicine Residents, Medical students, NP students. Usually there are about 2-3 physicians working together at a time with lots of cross communication/advising.

  • Medical Specialty: Any specialists that are comfortable seeing patients and do not require special expensive equipment

  • Location: Excelsior neighborhood of San Francisco.

  • Time Required: No restrictions on time or minimums required, although it is best to do some time at least monthly. Volunteers schedule themselves and usually work 4 hours at a time. Clinic hours are Tuesdays noon-8PM and Thursdays 10AM to 6PM.

  • Compensation: Volunteer

  • Malpractice Insurance: Covered 1mil/3/mil

  • Contact Person from organization:

    • David Goldschmid, MD, FACEP - Medical Director

      • <>

      • Clinic by the Bay

      • 4877 Mission Street

      • San Francisco, CA 94112

      • Office ph: 415-405-0207, x 304

      • fax: 415-405-0223

    • Henry Smith - Volunteer Program Manager

  • Contact Person from TPMG:

  • Updated 6/7/2019