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Financial Support Group (posted 1/8/19)

We received a suggestion from Harold R. Mancusi-Ungaro, Jr. <> for promoting the idea of people forming a support group around the idea of dealing with personal finances after significant life changes. Would there be an interest in the group to set up a support group in the event that a widowed spouse needs help with wading through electronic records? [or any records, for that matter]

TPMG Retiree Group Napa (posted 1/8/19)

Bonnie Richardson, a retired TPMG family physician, would like to form a local TPMG retiree group in Napa.  She is planning to host a lunch meeting in the near future.  If you would be interested in joining such a group or hearing about meetings, please contact Bonnie at or call or text her at 707 287 8248.

Invitation for Veterans to Share Their Experiences (posted 11/9/18)

The armed forces include health care professionals whose medical service exemplifies the highest levels of sacrifice and bravery. Dan Golenternek, MD, pre-TPMG Permanente Oakland physician was one of them.

Newsletter editor Ken Berniker would like to highlight some of the military experience of our members. He invites any retirees to share their experiences serving in the military, whether medical or not. Send any items to <>.

Request for TPMG Forum Newsletters (posted 11/9/18)

Lincoln Cushing is trying to assemble an archival collection of the TPMG Forum newsletters, and it’s been very tough finding copies from when it began (around 1988) to 2000. If you happen to have one (or a stash) of these newsletters, please contact Lincoln.

Lincoln Cushing
Archivist and Historian
Kaiser Permanente Communications
One Kaiser Plaza
Oakland, CA 94612
office 510-267-7620
cell    510-387-2996

Request for Information (posted 9/14/18):

Rich Aptaker DO is a recent retiree who was appointed chief of the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the KP San Francico facility in 1993, where he served for the next seven years. He wonders whether he was the first osteopathic physician to be appointed chief of PM&R at TPMG, or any PMG for that matter? And might he have been the first DO chief of ANY department at TPMG back in 1993?

Rich notes that there was strong political and medical discrimination against osteopathic physicians in CA in the 1960s/70s, which “ended” with a CA State Supreme Court ruling in 1974. But the discrimination lingered into the 80s/early 90s which is why his appointment potentially is of significance.

If you can provide information on this, please contact <> .

North Valley female retired physicians (posted 10/10/17):

A group in the Sacramento area gets together quarterly to enjoy lunch and other activities (museums, art galleries, cooking class, potlucks, etc). For more info contact

Upcoming Luncheons:

Saturday 5/4/2019 - Dr. Jessica Zitter, author of Extreme Measures: Finding a Better Path to the End of Life

(Usually first Saturdays in Feb., Aug., Nov.; formerly second Sat. in May but this is in flux). Full details and ordering info on the Luncheon Meetings page, when available.

Donation of unwanted computers and parts:

Tech Exchange (formerly Oakland Technology Exchange or OTX), an Oakland non-profit organization in operation for 20 years, takes donated computer equipment, refurbishes it, and then makes it available to local residents at little or no cost. Donors are entitled to tax credits, and OTX promises to scrub hard drives of all data. They seek:                                                                                                 * Desktop and laptop computers (PC and Apple) - working or not                                                           * LCD monitors                                                                                                                                                 * Keyboards and mice                                                                                                                                       * Hard drives, cables, etc.                                                                                                                            

You can check out their website <> and/or read the recent write-up about them in the SF Chronicle <>.

Library Access via Loansome Doc:
Sign up for an account at Loansome Doc, a service of the National Library of Medicine. Loansome Doc establishes a relationship between an individual and a library. Then you can order articles from a list of citations retrieved in PubMed. It's free to register, but local fees and delivery methods can vary. To register go to: – Skip Step 2 of searching for a library; click on “enter your Library Identifier”; for LIBID enter “CAUZSD” (=Kaiser Woodland Hills); select “I am a health professional, but have no affiliation with this institution”; accept the terms, and enter your demographics. As of 7/2014, the librarian there is David Keddle 818-719-2810; He says that if the item is in their collection, and the volume of requests is not excessive, he will email items for free; otherwise fees could be $10/article or up. (This is as far as I got; I haven't confirmed the instructions that follow below– Ed.)

After you register for Loansome Doc, log in at and click on “Go to PubMed” at the bottom. Free copies of articles sometimes may be available -

• From the Publisher

On the left side of the search results screen, look

for the Free full text available option. Click on the phrase to activate the filter. OR

• From PubMed Central

Use the drop-down menu near the top to search PubMed Central (PMC), a free digital archive of full-text journal articles maintained by the US Nat'l. Institutes of Health; National Library of Medicine.

Otherwise, use the PubMed Order option under the Send to menu after conducting a search to Order articles.

1. Click the check box next to each citation you want to order; you can move to other pages within your results to select additional citations

2. From the Send to drop-down menu (located on the right and above the search results), selectOrder articles

3. After being transferred to Loansome Doc, enter e-mail and password

4. Click Proceed to Delivery Options button

5. Review Delivery Options and check the Copyright Compliance box

6. Click the Continue button

7. Review order; then click Send Order

8. Your order will be sent to the library you selected, which will fill your request and send the article once it is available

For more information visit Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) at:

Contact the National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM), at 800-338-7657 or visit

Other Library Access: At least one of our members subscribes to DeepDyve and finds it very useful. He has an annual subscription for $180.

Check out KP's website:

This is the public relations website for Kaiser Permanente. It also links to medical news, and Community Benefit and grant instructions, in case you're connected to a nonprofit that seeks funding. Another site worth checking is: for more heart-warming news about the organization.