Opportunities Overview

Opportunities listed are provided for your review. They are arranged as Medical ( direct patient care ), Medical Administrative and Teaching ( no direct patient contact ) and Non Medical Teaching to make it easier for you to find an opportunity suited to your wants and talent. If you are involved with organizations or activities that are looking for the assistance of a retired TPMG Physician, please contact Dr Gerry Bourne at bourne.tpmg@gmail.com to discuss and post.


Medical - Direct Care

Volunteer  - Local 

  • Clinic by the Bay

  • The MAVEN Project Telehealth 

  • Prescott-Joseph Center for Community Enhancement - West Oakland

  • Rota Care Marin

  • Rota Care Pittsburg

  • Rota Care Richmond

  • The Second Opinion Cancer Patients

  • Touro Medical School


  • Issa Trust Foundation - Jamaica

  • Tiba Foundation Kenya

  • Tshemba Foundation


  • Encore Physician Program


Medical Administrative

Volunteer - Local

  • Contra Costa Medical Reserve Corps

  • Health Web Nav Reviews Medical Web sites

  • MedShare -Collect Medical Supplies

  • Red Cross


  • Health Volunteers Overseas Teaching

  • Preventing Cervical Cancer


  • American Physician Institute Medical Editor

  • Touro University Facilitator


Non-Medical Teaching


  • Experience Corps Tutoring and Mentoring K-3 grade

  • Rotary Kinder Prep Kindergarden reading

Medical - Direct Patient Care

Clinic By The Bay

  • Organization: Clinic By The Bay, Based upon the successful Volunteers in Medicine (VIM) model

  • Web address: www.clinicbythebay.org or http://clinicbythebay.org/volunteers.php

  • Detailed Description: Clinic By The Bay is a new, volunteer-powered, free health clinic for the working uninsured. Based upon the successful Volunteers in Medicine (VIM) model that engages retired healthcare professionals and community volunteers to provide high quality health care. Clinic by the Bay became the 82nd VIM clinic in the country on November 9, 2010. Volunteers usually see about 4 patients while working. They also can supervise Internal Medicine Residents, Medical students, NP students. Usually there are about 2-3 physicians working together at a time with lots of cross communication/advising.

  • Medical Specialty: Any specialists that are comfortable seeing patients and do not require special expensive equipment

  • Location: Excelsior neighborhood of San Francisco.

  • Time Required: No restrictions on time or minimums required, although it is best to do some time at least monthly. Volunteers schedule themselves and usually work 4 hours at a time. Clinic hours are Tuesdays noon-8PM and Thursdays 10AM to 6PM.

  • Compensation: Volunteer

  • Malpractice Insurance: Covered 1mil/3/mil

  • Contact Person from organization:

    • David Goldschmid, MD, FACEP - Medical Director

      • david@clinicbythebay.org

      • Clinic by the Bay

      • 4877 Mission Street

      • San Francisco, CA 94112

      • Office ph: 415-405-0207, x 304

      • fax: 415-405-0223

  • Contact Person from TPMG: None available

  • Updated 3/1/2019


Marin Rotacare

  • Opportunity: See patients in this primary care, urgent care setting

  • Organization:  Rotacarebayarea

  • Web address: Rotacarebayarea.org

  • Detailed Description:  RotaCare Clinic of San Rafael is a free clinic serving the uninsured of Marin County.  All providers, interpreters, pharmacists, nurses, and support staff are volunteers. RotaCare normally has 3 providers seeing patients per evening, each provider seeing 3-6 patients.  We do no pediatrics or Women’s Health.  

  • Medical Specialty: RotaCare is looking for any willing providers (MD, DO, NP, PA)  to see patients in this primary care, urgent care setting (e.g internists, family practice, ED).

  • Location: We see patients at Kaiser San Rafael Downtown MOB (corner of 3rd and A in San Rafael).

  • Time Required: The clinic is open 2 nights/week (M and Th, 6:00-8:30) and sees patients primarily on a non-appointed (urgent care) basis. We normally ask our provider volunteers for 1 evening/month.

  • Volunteer or Compensated: Volunteer

  • Malpractice Insurance: Malpractice insurance is covered by RotaCare Bay Area

  • Contact Person from organization:

  • Contact Person from TPMG:

  • Updated 3/1/2019


Richmond RotaCare

  • Opportunity: Direct patient care of the underserved

  • Organization/Sponsor: RotaCare Richmond, an affiliate of RotaCare Bay Area

  • Web address/link of Organization: www.rotacarebayarea.org/richmond

  • Detailed Description: The RotaCare Richmond Clinic is in need of physician volunteers. The free bilingual general clinic is open every Tuesday evening from 5:00 to 8:30 PM, and the first and third Sundays from 5:00 to 8:30 PM. On the third Tuesday of the month a women's clinic is offered. Labs, diagnostic imaging, and a number of prescriptions are provided to patients free of charge.

  • Medical Specialty: The all-volunteer clinic is in need of Adult medicine/Primary Care/GYN/ER physicians.

  • Location: The clinic is located in downtown Richmond inside the Family Justice Center at 256 24th St.

  • Time Required: We ask that volunteer physicians try to commit to one volunteer shift/month, but we are happy to work around schedules if that is not possible. Each shift is usually 3-4 hours during Tuesday or Sunday clinic evenings from 5-8:30 PM.

  • Volunteer or Compensated: Volunteer

  • Malpractice Insurance: Malpractice Insurance is fully covered

  • Contact Person from organization: Amit Randhawa richmondclinic@rotacarebayarea.org P: 510-871-4974 / F: 510-235-2786

  • Contact Person from TPMG: Jan Herr janlaurenherr@gmail.com; 415-706-9151

  • Updated 3/27/2019


Prescott-Joseph Center for Community Enhancement

Prescott-Joseph serves as a friendly, helping hand for the community of West Oakland. Prescott-Joseph Center for Community Enhancement, Inc. is a non-profit corporation organized in 1995 in the Prescott district of West Oakland. It evolved out of the conceptual scheme for the adaptive re-use of the former Saint Joseph's Convent (St. Patrick Convent) as a center for community services, education, culture and development in West Oakland. 

Contact: New contact pending,


The MAVEN Project

  • Organization: MAVEN PROJECT (Medical Alumni Volunteer Expert Network)

  • Web Address: mavenproject.org

  • Detailed Description: The MAVEN Project connects physician volunteers with US medical clinics caring for underserved patient populations. Our physician volunteers via telehealth technology (video conference, email, and phone) provide remote advisory consultations (peer-to-peer advice on de-identified clinical cases or population health), educational talks, and mentoring for clinic primary care providers. The SF Chronicle lately profiled the group - <https://www.sfgate.com/visionsf/article/laurie-green-keeps-retired-doctors-working-with-12622000.php>

  • Medical Specialty: The physician volunteers can be in any specialty including primary care. Active or volunteer medical licenses are accepted.

  • Location: Telehealth, Physician can be located anywhere in the USA.

  • Time Required: Flexible (minimum of 4 hours per month)

  • Compensation: No compensation

  • Malpractice Insurance: Provided by MAVEN

  • Contact Person:

    • Jill Einstein, MD, Director of Physician Engagement

      • jeinstein@mavenproject.org

      • mobile phone 415-722-3638

  • Updated 3/1/2019


RotaCare Pittsburg Free Medical Clinic

  • Organization/Sponsor: RotaCare Pittsbury

  • Web address/link of Organization: pittsburg@Rotacarebayarea.org

  • Detailed Description: RotaCare Bay Area, Inc. is a volunteer alliance of medical professionals and community members dedicated to providing free primary healthcare services to uninsured individuals with acute or chronic medical conditions. RotaCare operates twelve clinics throughout the Bay Area by harnessing the skills and hearts of medical volunteers who offer their time to provide basic health services free of charge to our patients.

  • Medical Specialty needed: Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants.

  • Location: St. Vincent de Paul of Contra Costa County, 2210 Gladstone Drive, Pittsburg CA 94565

  • Time Required : Wed. 4:00 pm - 8:00 p m , & 2nd & 4th Sat. 9 am - 12:00 p m

  • Volunteer or Compensated:  Volunteer

  • Malpractice Insurance: Medical malpractice insurance is provided & NO controlled substances prescribed.

  • Contact Person from organization: Yazmin Mejia, Clinic Operations Manager, pittsburg@Rotacarebayarea.org

  • Contact Person from TPMG: Jane Hewitt, MD,  janehewitt1@gmail.com

  • Updated 3/1/2019



  • Organization: Thesecondopinion

  • Web address: www.thesecondopinion.org

  • Detailed Description: Thesecondopinion is a 501c3 non-profit made up of over 70 Bay Area physicians dealing with cancer. In the format of a weekly Tumor Board we provide free multidisciplinary second opinions to cancer patients in California. All chart material, pathology and imaging are reviewed in advance and the Panel meets in person with patient and their family to discuss case and any questions.

  • Medical Specialties needed: Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Gyn Oncology, Surgery, Urology, Pathology, and Radiology

  • Location: 1200 Gough, San Francisco, Ca.

  • Time Required: Panels are two hours, usually on Fridays, with 1/2 to 1 hour preparation. You can volunteer as frequently or infrequently as you wish

  • Commitment: Volunteer

  • Malpractice Insurance: Provided

  • Contact Persons:

    • Howard B. Kleckner, MD; Med Director

      415-775-9956 office;

      650-799-2354 cell

    • Lori Bodi; Program Director

      415-775-9956 office

  • Contact Person from TPMG:

    • Amy Gillis MD, Radiation Oncology, Kaiser Oyster Point.

  • Updated 3/1/2019


Touro University Medical School

  • Opportunity: Volunteer preceptor, Touro University Student run Free clinic

  • Organization/Sponsor: Touro University

  • Web address of Organization: tu.edu also http://www.tustudentlife.com/clubs/srfc/about/

  • Detailed Description: Community members are either treated with osteopathic manipulation, or enter the clinic for an initial intake and H&P.  Faculty volunteers are needed to 1. H&P station - review the work of the student including their recommendation for treatment, review the patient and sign off on the H&P; 2.  OMM - *if an osteopathic physician this option is available* - review the patient presentation, the treatment plan of the student, and then evaluate the patient (after treatment) prior to discharge.  Work with the student to determine best length of time for follow up

  • Medical Specialty: Any

  • Location: 545 Magazine Street, Vallejo

  • Time Required:  Usually every Thursday 4-6:30 (first shift) or 6-8:30pm (second shift).  In addition, there are community events at community locations (e.g., Napa-Vallejo Flea Market) which needs physician supervision.

  • Volunteer or Compensated: Volunteer

  • Malpractice Insurance: Adjunct status with Touro University which covers your malpractice for this event

  • Contact Person from organization: gail.feinberg@tu.edu - medical director, SRFC

  • Contact Person from TPMG: None available at this time

  • Updated 3/1/2019


International - Medical

Tshemba Foundation

  • Opportunity: Provide patient care, teaching and quality improvement support at a rural district hospital and adjoining clinics in rural South Africa. Volunteers, and their partners, are given free accommodations in a luxurious five-star self-catered lodge situated in a “Big 5” conservation area, where they can safely rest, relax and take in the peaceful wonders around them.

  • Organization/Sponsor: Tshemba Foundation

  • Web address/link of Organization: www.tshembafoundation.org

  • Detailed Description:  The Tshemba Foundation is appealing to medical doctors in the United Stated to address a critical health care gap in rural South Africa’s Mpumalanga and Limpopo provinces where doctor shortages are posing substantial challenges to adequate health care. You will experience and learn from a stimulating and challenging working environment, treat conditions and cases not usually seen in urban areas and help leave a legacy of improved quality of care by sharing knowledge and skills with local staff who are eager for support.

  • Medical Specialty needed: We welcome interest from all potential volunteers; however, the current greatest need in the area is for Family physicians, Obstetricians/Gynaecologists, Paediatricians, Anesthesiologists and Ophthalmologists.

  • Location: North Eastern South Africa near Kruger National Park. (Moditlo Estate Stand 258 (Entrance on the R40) 20 kilometres South of Hoedspruit)

  • Time Required (Days, hours, minimal amount if applicable): Currently, placement lengths are flexible however based on experience we do recommend international volunteers come for a minimum of a month to better adapt, integrate and contribute to the local health system.

  • Volunteer or Compensated: Volunteer, free luxury accomodations

  • Malpractice Insurance: Volunteer to provide

  • Contact Person organization: info@tshembafoundation.org

  • Contact Person from TPMG: n/a

  • Updated 11/16/2018


Issa Trust Foundation

An opportunity for retired doctors, third-year pediatric residents, fellows, and attendings to volunteer in Jamaica. 
The Issa Trust Foundation works to serve the children of Jamaica and train local medical providers while providing opportunities for US-based medical professionals to experience a clinical care setting abroad and give freely of their time and expertise. 

Read blog entries of participants: <http://issatrustfoundation.com/blogs/>

Facebook:  <facebook.com/IssaTrustFoundation>

Contact: Diane Pollard, President and CEO
Issa Trust Foundation
2401 8th Street Court SW
Altoona, IA 50009
(515) 967-6335 home
(515) 480-1683 cell
Jamaica Cell phone when “in country” 876-503-5903


Tiba Foundation

  • Opportunity:  Medical Mission to Kenya

  • Organization/Sponsor: Tiba Foundation (with Matibabu Hospital)

  • Web address/link of Organization: www.tibafoundation.org

  • Detailed Description:  Share your skills and experience in a medically underserved part of the world. Rural Africa's most previous commodity is trained medical professionals. Matibabu Hospital is in a village area of Western Kenya.  You will have the opportunity to directly support patients in the 70-bed hospital with Outpatient Services and a temporary OR. We also encourage you to teach an aspect of your specialty to the hospital staff and perhaps at the nursing school.  

  • Medical Specialty needed: Especially needed- Surgeons, Emergency, Eye specialists, nurses, public health researchers, and other specialists

  • Location: Ukwala Kenya

  • Time Required: Typical service 2 weeks  (up to 3 months)

  • Volunteer or Compensated: Volunteer

  • Malpractice Insurance: Insurance provided by Tiba and Matibabu

  • Contact Person from Organization:

    • Diane Dodge

    • diane.dodge@tibafoundation.org

    • 510-435-4558

  • Contact Person from TPMG: none available at this time

  • Updated April 2, 2019



  • Opportunity: Cervical cancer screening

  • Organization/Sponsor: PINCC preventing cervical cancer - globally

  • Web address/link of Organization: www.pincc.ngo

  • Detailed Description: PINCC is a 501c3 non-profit organization that takes small teams into low income and low-middle income countries to teach healthcare workers how to recognize and treat cervical dysplasia. We spend a week teaching and treating and then require our trainees to screen for 6 months. We then return and rescreen with them the positive exams that they have seen. We treat with thermocoagulation. After our training is complete, we leave our equipment so that the site is self-sustaining. We have ongoing training sites in Kenya, Tanzania, Guatemala and Cambodia with proposed sites in Ghana, Rwanda and India.

  • Medical Specialty needed: Ability to do speculum exams

  • Location: Global

  • Time Required: 1-2 weeks

  • Volunteer or Compensated: Volunteer

  • Malpractice Insurance: Not provided

  • Contact Person from organization: Dr. Melissa Miskell 830-708-6009

  • Contact Person from TPMG: None available at this time

  • Updated 3/1/2019

Medical Administrative

Contra Costa County Medical Reserve Corps - posted 10/3/17

Get involved in disaster preparedness and response. MD volunteers needed, especially emergency physicians, infectious disease specialists, and surgeons. Attend regular training meetings, also teach CPR and earthquake preparedness; mentor high school students interested in careers in health care; staff booths at runs/festivals/fairs, among other duties.


Medical Editor Opportunity - posted 11/15/2018

American Physician Institute (API) provides physicians with board review courses in several specialties, all boasting high-yield content. We are in the process of revising and increasing our question bank and are looking for a team of medical experts that are interested in sharing their passion and knowledge as a medical editor.  

As a medical editor, you will review and revise newly submitted MCQs. You will base your review off medical accuracy, board relevance, and our writer guidelines. Our faculty is compensated per question reviewed. In addition, we are happy to offer 50% off any of API’s courses.
Francesca Borchardt, Project Coordinator
American Physician Institute
900 Oakmont Ln, Ste 450
Westmont, IL 60559
P: 630-908-4138 x 201
Email Address: francesca@americanphysician.com


Red Cross

The Red Cross, serving Contra Costa, Solano, and Marin counties (at the least), needs volunteers for positions such as instructors in first aid and CPR programs, disaster responders, and liaisons to external agencies for disaster planning.

Contact: Eva Marquez, Volunteer Coordinator; (925) 603-7426 (p); (925) 980-6633 (c); <Eva.marquez@redcross.org>



MedShare is a local non-profit organization that collects, organizes and distributes surplus medical supplies to healthcare facilities serving the poor throughout the world. Use your medical knowledge to make a difference as a volunteer at MedShare. With its convenient location in San Leandro and free parking, MedShare makes it easy for you to get involved.  You can join in on regularly scheduled volunteer sessions at 9 AM to noon on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays and 1-4 PM on Saturdays; or arrange to come in at other times.   The schedule is flexible…you decide how often and when you want to volunteer.  You may run into other people you know - there are several retired and active Kaiser Permanente doctors and nurses already volunteering with MedShare – but you’ll also be meeting and working with people of all ages from around the Bay Area.  If you’re interested...
Contact: Terry Monday  <tmonday@medshare.org>; <MedShare.org>


Become a volunteer reviewer - posted 1/7/17

HealthWebNav is a website that reviews medically-oriented websites. They are looking for medically-trained volunteers to become reviewers of websites. They have a short training course for reviewers. They send each reviewer a few websites to peruse and a review form to complete, requiring perhaps an hour or two per month. You can see the website at <www.healthwebnav.org>. Contact Rich Sagall MD; 978-281-6666; <richsagall@needymeds.org> 


Touro University

  • Opportunity:  Adjunct clinical faculty, Department of Primary Care

  • Organization/Sponsor: Touro University - California, College of osteopathic medicine,

  • Web address/link of Organization:  tu.edu

  • Detailed Description:  Working in small groups as clinical lab facilitator for first and/or second year students.  Core faculty will have designed the learning activity for the class/lab. Taught in a room with 6 groups of 8 students per group.  Each group has a facilitator to supervise. Examples would include - examination of the abdomen with special testing; venipuncture; suturing; neuromuscular testing - upper extremity; testing - lower extremity

  • Medical Specialty needed: Any

  • Location: Touro University - 1310 Club Drive, Vallejo - Lander Hall, 212

  • Time Required: Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays primarily.  Will be 2 hour blocks (8-10; 10-noon; 1-3) varies weekly within the overall curriculum.

  • Compensated position: ($100/hour)

  • Malpractice Insurance: Given adjunct status with Touro University which covers your malpractice for this event

  • Contact Person from organization: gail.feinberg@tu.edu - Chair, Primary Care Department

  • Contact Person from TPMG: none available at this time

  • Updated 3/1/2019

International - Administrative

Health Volunteers Overseas

Health Volunteers Overseas is an educational, non-profit organization dedicated to providing teaching and training to health professionals in developing countries. A current focus is on oncology, but there are also projects in primary care, child health, trauma and rehab, surgical care, and blood disorders. Please see the story by Dr. Jim Breivis on his experience in Bhutan in the Summer 2013 newsletter.

For the oncology programs below, volunteers must be appropriately trained and credentialed medical professionals who specialize in oncology. This includes physicians (medical, radiation, and surgical oncology), laboratory professionals, pharmacists, and nurses. Assignments range from 1 – 4 weeks. 

Tegucigalpa, Honduras – Hospital Escuela Universitario, Hospital San Felipe, and Cancer Center Emma Callejas
Work in five main categories: pathology, cancer control, staff seminars/workshops, curriculum development, and student and resident education. Housing is available at local hotels and/or guest houses.

Hue, Vietnam – Hue College of Medicine and Pharmacy
Assist in training physicians, surgeons, nurses, laboratory personnel, and other health providers in areas including clinical care of oncology patients, surgical training, guidance in developing immunohistochemistry and flow cytometry technologies, palliative care, and develop an infrastructure to deliver chemotherapy to outpatients. Possibly provide oncology lectures to medical students and/or residents, and train nurses in the management of oncology patients. Radiation oncologists must be comfortable with gamma knife technology. Housing is available at local hotels and/or guest houses.

Thimphu, Bhutan - Referral Hospital and the Royal Institute of Health Sciences
Medical oncologists, palliative care specialists, and oncology nurses are needed to participate in the daily activities on the oncology inpatient and outpatient unit with the emphasis on education and role modeling. In addition, volunteers will prepare lectures/presentations for the hospital staff about cancer-related topics. Housing is provided.

Capiata, Paraguay – Instituto Nacional de Cancer
Assist in developing diagnostic and treatment pathways for cervical and breast cancer, provide education, and work with residents to develop/strengthen their ability to initiate research projects and to explore regional and international educational opportunities. Housing is provided at the hospital or is available at local guest houses.

San Jose, Costa Rica – Hospital San Juan de Dios, Hospital de Mexico, Women’s Hospital
Present didactic lectures, participate in tumor boards, and accompany trainees on rounds. Provide training to oncology nurses, oncologists, and internists. 

Phnom Penh, Cambodia - Sihanouk Hospital
Help develop the first cervical cancer screening program in Cambodia. Train providers in cryotherapy and LEEP procedures, assist and train surgeons with gynecological surgeries such as hysterectomies, and oversee the development and quality of the pilot program at Sihanouk. Also possibly work at the women’s clinic and offer didactic teaching to general doctors-in-training at the hospital.

Contact: Max Ryan, Volunteer Coordinator
(202) 296-0928 <m.ryan@hvousa.org>


KP Cares.org
Retired physicians are invited to visit Kaiser Permanente’s volunteer website <www.kpcares.org>.  You can read stories about interesting volunteer projects without registering, but you must register in order to browse, sign up for, or ask questions about a project. 
Registered users can also post projects to attract new volunteers.

Non-Medical Teaching

Experience Corps Bay Area (ECBA)  -  Help Guide the Next Generation of Bay Area Readers

ECBA is a national non-profit with a strong local presence in San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley. An award-winning tutoring and mentoring program, ECBA is currently seeking volunteers ages 50 and older to become literacy tutors and mentors in kindergarten through third grade classrooms.

The unique experience and talent of older adults is the foundation of Experience Corps, so no prior tutoring experience is necessary, and on-going training is provided. Volunteers are asked to commit for the rest of the school year for a minimum of 4 hours/week, must possess a high school diploma or GED, and be willing to pass a criminal background check. 

"It has been a wonderful experience for me and my students, so much so that when I went back to work at Kaiser Oakland after retiring from private practice, I continued tutoring with the organization.” ~ Dr. Arnie Levine. 

If you are interested in this fun and rewarding volunteer opportunity, email Alexis Hawkins at ecba.today@gmail.com or call (415) 759-4223. To learn more about ECBA, please visit <www.experiencecorpsbayarea.org>


Rotary KinderPrep

KinderPrep is an multi-faceted project of Oakland Rotary Club that provides financial and physical assistance to kindergarten teachers and pupils. Volunteers participate in classroom reading to children, help with art projects, and serve as a second adult in a room of 20 or more five-year-olds, available to support the teacher. Volunteers are the face of Rotary KinderPrep in the classroom and 'present' donated items to the class, accompany sponsored field trips, and participate in a summer book giveaway. Volunteers also provide feedback to KinderPrep organizers.

KinderPrep is seeking classroom volunteers. Volunteering is very flexible - the teacher and the volunteer work out the schedule. We ask for a minimum of 4 hours monthly. It's a great opportunity to contribute to the education and welfare of our youngest community members.  It's also great fun and there is nothing better to get your mojo going than a group of energetic five year-olds. There is a thorough online and in-person vetting process.  

Here is a link to a pamphlet: KinderPrep pamphlet   

Contact: Peter Sherris MD MPH <psherris@mac.com>; 510-206-0548