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As a member of the Planetary Health Alliance, and a leader of Planetary Health in-action, we are working with academic institutions, medical professionals, businesses, and NGOs to explore innovative solutions to health and environmental challenges via Planetary Health educational opportunities. For more than 10 years, we have worked with universities including Yale and Yale NUS, Stanford, Rochester, Ohio State, and Montana to send student groups and medical professionals to take part in these exchange opportunities.

Through our Education Exchange Programs in Indonesian Borneo, participants gain hands-on experience in the emerging field of planetary health. What sets us apart is the opportunity to make genuine connections; we offer community-based experiential learning, where participants can shadow patient visits in the hospital, exchange knowledge and train our physicians on-site, harvest vegetables alongside farmers, or co-create a business plan with a former logger turned entrepreneur. Health professionals will share their expertise with the ASRI clinic and team, while learning about low-resource, tropical medicine and our Planetary Health approach.

  • Organization/Sponsor: Health In Harmony

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  • Detailed Description: Our classrooms are clinic exam rooms, rain forests, organic gardens, and rural villages, and our curriculum connects issues in this region to worldwide ecosystem transformations and health trends. We also teach our Radical Listening methodology, equipping participants with skills to meaningfully engage with communities. Participants share their expertise and learn how human health and the environment are intertwined. We emphasize hope and motivate people to find ways to act on social, environmental, and economic issues, creating planetary health change-makers.

    • Participants in our Education Exchange Program meet the following learning objectives:

      • Broadly understand the concept of planetary health, and summarize some of the worldwide ecosystem transformations and health trends.

      • Understand relationships and interconnections between history, economics, policy, ecosystems, and health care in the Gunung Palung National Park region. Connect the situation in and around Gunung Palung National Park to worldwide planetary health trends.

      • Learn Radical Listening methodology and recognize the importance of grassroots initiatives and the need for participation and ownership of most-affected groups.

      • Develop a plan for ongoing planetary health advocacy and action.

      • Health professionals will share their expertise with the ASRI clinic and team, while learning about low-resource, tropical medicine and our Planetary Health approach.

  • Medical Specialty needed: Wilderness Emergency Medicine, Dentistry, Physical Therapy, Eye Health, Occupational Safety & Health, Basic CSSD training, Ultrasound Training, Support in setting up a distribution system for Pharmacy: Unit Dose Dispensing (UDD), Total Floor Stock, Individual Prescription and open to other expertise as well.

  • Location: Sukadana, West Kalimantan, Borneo, Indonesia

  • Time Required: Minimum of 2 weeks - Maximum of 8 weeks

  • Volunteer: Volunteer (please find more information about Program Costs here):


  • Malpractice Insurance: Not available

  • Contact Person from organization:

    • Noor Trienekens, International Program Manager


      • 503 592 2254

  • Contact Person from TPMG: Pending

  • Updated: September 12, 2019